Wow, Arcade Fire's Win Butler is HUGE (or Jon Stewart is Tiny)

They were on the Daily Show last night and performed "Month of May" and the shot of lead singer Win Butler next to Jon Stewart was a little odd considering how tall Win is compared to Jon.  Another odd fact is that Arcade Fire have the #1 album in America with their release of Suburbs last week.  This isn't the "indie" or "college" charts, this is the Billboard 200.  You can see the results on quite possibly one of the ugliest sites on the internet.  I don't know how I feel about Arcade Fire being on the same chart as Eminem, Avenged Sevenfold, Justin Bieber, or the "Now That's What I Call Music" compilations.

Bez Can't Win. Convicted of Assalt.

The Ex-Happy Mondays star has been convicted of assault.  He apparently attacked his ex-girlfriend, Monica Ward,  because he accused her of stealing money from him.  He "grabbed her neck with both hands and throttled her" according to the UK Press Association.  He will be sentenced on August 25th.

For those of you that don't know, Bez is the legendary dancer for the Happy Mondays.  And he's had problems getting a visa to tour with the Monday's when they play the US because of past drug charges.

Johnny Marr Writes Theme for Awesome David Cross Show

David Cross is a pretty funny commedian.  He's been in a ton of stuff including Mr. Show with Bob and David and Arrested Development.  He co-wrote a new show called "The Increasingly Poor Descisions of Todd Margaret" and Johnny Marr has wrote the theme song.  Another fun fact about Johnny Marr is that he wrote some of the music for the film, Inception, but this is his first television work.

The show will air in October on Channel 4 in the UK and on IFC in the US.  There's a bootleg of the pilot available on youtube, but it doesn't contain the theme song.  You should still watch it as it's pretty funny.

The Supergroup "Freebass", drop Andy Rourke. Release CD Next Week

We've only barely mentioned Freebass in the past, it was during Excellent Online's crappy "digg-wannabe-days" (sorry everyone, I now love reddit).  Anyway, Freebass is a supergroup that features Peter Hook (New Order), Mani (Stone Roses, Primal Scream), and Andy Rourke (Smiths).  It was a triple-bass supergroup.  Yes, they now have a drummer and a singer too.  Earlier this year they released their first EP, Two Worlds Collide, and their album, It's A Beautiful Life, in digital form only.  Next week they're going to release the CD version of their EP and with that release, Andy Rourke is departing from the band.  According tho their official site, "Andy Rourke was initially involved in the conception of the group and contributed to the EP and a few tracks on the LP , He is now living in NYC and will not be joining the band for live dates."

Watch Spiritualized Performing "Ladies and Gentlemen..." Live Tonight (*Updated*)

Spin is celebrating their 25th anniversary with five nights of live music.  I've apparently been under a rock so I only found out about it this morning.  Tonight they will be streaming Spiritualized perform "Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space" album in it's entirety.  The stream starts at 8:30 EST (5:30 PST).  Unfortunately you have to sell your Facebook soul because it will force to log in via Facebook, then you have to "like" it before it'll let you watch the stream.  I'm starting to miss the days where companies would ask for your email address and you can provide a fake one.

UPDATE:  It looks like Spin is rebroadcasting the videos from last week so the Smashing Pumpkins are on tonight (August 2nd).  The Flaming Lips will be on tomorrow, then the National on Thursday and Spiritualized will wrap up the week on Friday, August 6th.

Chemical Brothers Release A New Video: Another World

The Chemical Brothers have released a new video for their track, "Another World", which is off their latest album, Further.  I'm not embedding it in this site because last time Parlophone removed the rights and it looked silly.  So just go to youtube and check out the video for yourself.  As usual, the Chemical Brothers deliver in their visual style and have created a great video.  One of the youtube comments even made sense!  xDarkJJx writes, "reminds me of radioheads' clip: house of cards."  Right on xDarkJJx, Right on.  

Badly Drawn Boy Readies New Album, Listen To A New Demo

Badly Drawn Boy is gearing up for a new release, It's What I'm Thinking, Pt 1 which is due on October 4th in England.  After his Born in the U.K. album received some bad press, he had a hard time getting back in the studio.  He was able to write the score for a TV drama called "The Fattest Man in Britain" and then he turned his attention to writing his own album.

A demo of the track, "In Safe Hands" can be heard over at 24bit and you can check out some other stuff on Badly Drawn Boy's youtube channel.

Amanda Palmer Covers Radiohead, Buy It For Less Then A Buck

The full title of  her cover album is, "Amanda Palmer Performs The Popular Hits of Radiohead on her Magical Ukulele."  And that pretty much sums it all up but I'll try to add some filler here.  For one, you can buy the album for a measly 0.84 cents which is used to cover ASCAP and Paypal fees.  Or you can be generous and pay more because 0.84 cents is just silly considering that it's actually a pretty great EP.  If you don't believe me, then you can stream the full release below.


More Leaks from Daft Punk's Tron Soundtrack

We have mentioned the soundtrack for TRON:LEGACY by Daft Punk a couple of times in the past and a few days ago six tracks have surfaced online.  Previously a bunch of fake tracks appeared online, this seems like the "real thing".  This is obviously a highly anticipated release (the score AND the movie) so I imagine that this was more of a "controlled" leak vs. someone stealing the songs.  Also since they are appearing on a site for a Seattle based radio station.

UPDATE:  There are reports that some of the recent leaks are fake.  The ones that were linked here were in fact real as Disney asked them to take it down.  You can still hear a taste of the new Tron soundtrack over at their official site.

Alan Wilder (ex-Depeche Mode) is Touring America

Alan Wilder is taking Recoil on the road in support of his best-of complication, "Selected".  He will be hitting North America throughout October and South America in November.  He's teaming up with Paul Kendall who says the shows are, "a presentation of Recoil, not a concert".